Kobi Wolf


Born in 1975, Israel based photographer Live in Tel Aviv. After graduating from the Geographical Photography Academy in Tel Aviv, Israel, I embarked on an eight year long journey in Asia and Africa. During my journey I developed my photography skills and was able to explore my professional talents to their fullest. Upon my return to Israel, I continued to gain experience in portrait and documentary photography.My photographs have been published in various Israeli magazines and I've also participated in several exhibitions and earned prizes for my work. I try to stimulate the imagination and invite the viewer to take part in the story of my anthropological journey though the eye of my lens. I have documented the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the refugee exodus from Africa to Israel and am now involved in several Humanitarian documentary projects. I also work as a news photojournalist for local papers. 



2019 - World Press Photo finalist 2019  

2017 : "Meitar Award" - finalist  

2015/16 - Local Testimony. - Series of the Year 2015/16  

2015/16 - Local Testimony - News 2nd prize 

2014/15 - Local Testimony - Religion and Community 1st prize \ Series 

2014/15 - Local Testimony - News 3rd prize \ Series  

2013/14 - Local Testimony - Community, Religion and Faith 2nd prize \ Series  

2012/13 - Local Testimony 

2011 - Local Testimony, Urban life 3rd prize / Series - The tents city protest  

20103rd Place, International News Picture Story - NPPA:The Best Of Photojournalism 2010 

2008 – Local Testimony, 2nd prize in the Social Category for my “Abarbanel” Project” 

2008Honorable Mention Recipients of PX3 2008 Competition for my project at the Darfur Refugee Camp  

in Chad